Thursday, October 19, 2006

Alumni Homecoming

I attended last Saturday, October 14, the annual alumni homecoming of Manila Science High School. I was ecstatic a few months back, expecting that it is really a big event wherein I get to see fellow alumni (who I pictured to be nerdies hahaha!). I was constantly in contact with a batchmate since I did not want to go there alone and feel alienated. Though he came late, i saw 4 batchmates who also came early.

I was so disappointed to see a very dry opening ceremony that didn't even fill the small auditorium. There were old teachers and representatives from the very first batch up to the latest batch of graduates. It just didn't live up to my expectations (or perhaps we just came early and I didn't catch the livelier part of the programme?). I told my friends that should the Batch 90 handle it, there will be parties, lots of food and overflowing drinks!

That event made me compare my dear UP against my beloved DLSU. Though with the former, brains is not a question but with the latter, it was where I got to appreciate great planning and organization with lots and lots of connection. The homecoming could have been better if right people were tapped. I knew many Mascians who work in big companies and that their sponsorship would be a very very big help. It is just knowing who and how to connect.

Oh well, one thing for sure, Batch 90's will surely make it bigger and better! :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Friday the 13Th

Friday the 13th has been the dreaded day wherein most oldies would usually tell not to go out as something bad might happen to you. They used to say that this day brings bad luck especially for non-believers. I would say otherwise. October 13, 2006, which incidentally fell on a Friday was a good day for me, let me tell you why...

For almost 2 years, our table tournaments were scheduled on Fridays. The registration starts at 8pm and the actual derbies were usually from 10pm-12mn. There were a few times that they lasted until 2am. Meaning, for almost two years, my duty schedule on Fridays was 4pm-12mn. I had no social life on this day. My dates (and gimmicks) were on Thursdays which I wasn't happy about since good bands and great happenings fall on Fridays.

Last Friday, we had no tournament since it has been moved to Tuesdays (twice a month). I have been looking forward for this day since the start of the week. Plans have been running around in my mind. For a couple of days, I have been contemplating whether to dine out, watch a movie (or concert) or have a few drinks in a bar. The night before, my kid J had a fever due to cough and colds. I felt saddened for a while thinking that my big day would end with me nursing my sick child. Luckily, she got better in the morning and even went to school. I then felt relieved and excited as time approaches.

It was also the day of Oktoberfest in most places. Our company even sponsored that of Blue Wave's. And another branch is having an event of their own. If only Honey A wasn't around, I would see myself hopping from one place to another.

I chose Tavern on the Square (as usual). We arrived at exactly 9pm only to find out that there were only few tables left. It was really a Friday. Fat Session Band was scheduled that night and I enjoyed seeing Honey A laughing his heart out as the singers bolted jokes in between their songs. We finished 3 sets (with 4 glasses of vodka currant and 1 San Mig light) that night. I remembered telling Honey A that I would never leave unless I get to dance on my feet. And that only happened on the 3rd set.

I love Fridays. And it really will not matter if its a 13th or not as long as my schedule permits me to go out:)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Family Woman

I'm a big fan of families. I love having a complete one, where there is a mother, a father and kid/s. I admire those who have kept theirs through thick and thin. I came from a religious family. Although my mom married late (in her late 30's) and my dad was a notorious womanizer before they met, up until this moment they are still together and thank heavens, I didn't have half-siblings.

I still couldn't comprehend why my married life ended too soon. I was willing to give up a career to keep my own family intact when my ex-husband left for the US 8 years ago. It was a mutual decision for my kid and I to be left behind. It wasn't in my wildest dreams that I would never see him again. Though on the last moment our eyes locked, there was an eerie feeling that THAT would be the end of everything.

Deep in my heart i knew that I was a submissive kind of woman. I may have a strong personality, only if one lets me be. I value relationships, respect and space. Money was out of the picture, as what many many couples fight about. I just needed someone, my very own someone, to be with me to get through life.

I wallow myself in pity most of the time, especially when I come home to an empty house. I know that my kid is just around, but most of the time i find it hard to cope through things alone. This is the kind of occasion where I remember the happier times I was with my ex-husband (The melancholy! My tears are starting to fall!) I never felt alone, not even a single minute in that fruitful 3 1/2 years of my life. There were laughters and I see colors in everything. I just wish every single day that I get to feel the moments all over again.

I'm already 33, with a 9 year old kid to raise, a career to attend to, and a failing reproductive system. Nevertheless I still have faith. I know that someday I will have the wholeness of a family I have always dreamed of.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Day That Was

It was September 28, 2006, Thursday. I was scheduled that day to attend the pilot run of the Customer Service module at our Corporate Office. I was the representative of our branch to evaluate the topics. It’s very seldom that I absent myself from work, hence, that morning, no amount of weather could prevent me from going to the office.

That day started at 7am for me. Classes in school have been suspended the night before hence I was somewhat settled that my Kid J would wake up late. As I boarded my car, I noticed that the Caimito tree across our house was swaying wildly. What bothered me most was that the tree beside my garage was bending toward our end. I had the gut feeling that the car was in perilous situation. Amidst the plea of my kid for me to stay at home, I nevertheless hit the road. When I reached Coastal Road, it was then that I realized how dangerous this typhoon was. Even with my closed windows, I could hear the roaring wind as if threatening to throw out any moving vehicle that time. My speed was 50kph and there was no way I could go faster since I could feel a strong force behind the steering wheel. All I could think of was to pray – one Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory Be and one I Believe in God. I knew that it wasn’t the end of the world, but deep inside, I had to invoke the higher up because I knew that somewhere, there would be people that were going to be hurt.

As I reached the intersection at the end of the Coastal Road, I chose to take Macapagal Ave. route instead of the Baclaran area. I felt safer on a free-way than on a busy street swarmed with billboards and old edifices. True enough, later that day I found out that a billboard fell over a Honda CRV and my co-worker's car was hit by a flying roof, at the Baclaran area.

As I settled my car on our covered garage at the office, I could see across parked cars shaking. It was a furious wind out there. Instead of feeling relieved as I entered our building, I found out that there was no Globe signal inside! Only Smart is functioning. That somewhat made me panicked. It was just like isolating me from the outside world. I then remembered how this Smart people made me wait for a month for my choice of mobile unit. I also thought of my kid, my parents and most especially Honey A who I know was calling and texting me that that time. He didn’t want me to leave the house that morning due to impending trouble ahead and yet, I still went on despite of all. Luckily our landline was okay and it was where Honey A contacted me. It was also he who checked my kid J from time to time. I went through my office work as usual although the Customer Service Seminar was postponed.

By 6pm, Honey A fetched me and I left my car safe in our office’s parking space. It was total darkness on the road. All you can see were the lights coming from the moving vehicles. Though I didn’t feel terrified or something to that effect. I knew that my family was okay and we have ample supply of food and water that could last for a couple of days.

It was just few hours of Milenyo hitting the Metropolis and yet there were so much destruction and some lives taken. The following day has been usual for me sans electricity and water. I just had to live with what nature has brought. I have witnessed enough tragedies in my life, I can only surmise that these are God’s work, His way of getting our attention. People have been proud. Many have forgotten that all things are gifts from Him who has power over us. It is He who gives, it is only He who can take. There should actually be no fear, if only we learn to believe.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

After The Storm

There's an old adage that there will always be sunshine after the storm. I very much would like to write about typhoon Milenyo and how it affected specifically my life, but then I will be saving it for some other day when I have recollected all my thoughts.

Just like life, when you hit the bottom, there is no way but to go up. One of our Assistant Branch Managers said that the typhoon was just one way of reminding us that there is still somebody up there greater than us who could take away everything in just an instant. I think that Filipinos have seen the worst: martial law, coup 'd etat, earthquake, volcanic eruptions and typhoons. And yet we never learn. How much blow do we need to take inorder to grow?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Hopeful Artist In Me

On our way home last Thursday from Makati, Honey A and I stopped by at Shell Station in Macapagal Ave. for a gas filling up. Luckily, there was a cut-off for some meter reading as soon as we parked the car. It was the time I chanced to see Ms. Irma Adlawan and her equally talented husband, Mr. Dennis Marasigan lining up after us.
More than 12 years ago, when I was working at Cultural Center of the Philippines as Usherette, I always see Ms. Irma and her fine acting under Tangahalang Pilipino (TP). I knew Dennis way back in 1987 when I enrolled at TP's Children's Acting Workshop. He was one of our speakers specializing on Stage and Lighting Design. It was only in the early 90's that I discovered that the two are a couple.
I admire Ms. Irma for transcending beauty and age. She doesn't possess the usual showbiz glamour face yet she can outshine anybody on stage and on screen. Moreover, she's already in her early 40's (i think), but lately I read good reviews on the sexy but challenging role she had in a movie (Pusang Gala). This woman really has a talent. What I admire more is how these two artists manage their work and relationship. Dennis was once asked if he meddles with the script (or Irma's decision) in case his beloved wife gets obscene roles. And he said that, they are both artists, and role playing is Irma's job. Wow!

That night also brought me to the not so distant past when I was in the crossroad of choosing a career in stage acting and choosing a "regular" life. I knew that I had the flair for it since I already had my short stint in CCP and 2 television guestings at a very early age. "Batibot" should have been my breakthrough when I was in grade school but it was my Dad who discouraged me and drove me to concentrate on my studies. I was also contemplating to enroll in the Philippine High School for The Arts in Los Banos, Laguna, majoring in acting but it was also my Dad who didn't even give me the chance to take the entrance exam. The only thing he approved of, was for me to work as an Usherette as a part time job when I was in 3rd year college so that I could still be exposed to the Arts. My Dad was right after-all. I graduated with honors in a science school, studied in a premier state university and currently living a "regular" life. I miss acting though. I miss the lights, the scripts, the emotions, the "break a leg" thing, and most of all, the applauses. I think that I still can pull some acting and my life experiences made me a lot better than before... Sigh!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Meeting With Fellow Alumni

It has been more almost 3 months since I got to meet the working group behind the Manila Science High School Alumni Foundation. I cannot comprehend until now why they call meetings on weekdays and after regular office hours. Weekends and night time are perfect for busy professionals and parents. Oh well.

Currently, the foundation would like to focus on fund-raising activities since their coffer is nearly running dry. It shouldn't have happened if they only plan ahead of time. Planning should be done annually and there should be a time table for everything. Just like in any organization, or even life itself, you should know how to foresee and be ready for the inevitable. Although I fully take into consideration that the foundation is a voluntary job and not a source of living. I think what they currently need are hot-blooded, agressive young people to carry on risk-taking tasks. I am not referring to myself though. I know a handful from my batchmates who have the time and energy to bring it on.

My love for my alma mater pushed me to volunteer to be a part of the fund-raising committee. I think that my little knowledge in handling events would be a great help for the foundation.